Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally Fall!

Well finally! This is more like it! Here are the fall colors that make our neck of the woods so lovely this time of year.

Finally fall 2009

Looking at that photo, it's easy to see where the inspiration for this stash additive came from-

Loopy Legends Debbies' Autumn Joy

That's Zen String Loopy Legends in Debbie's Autumn Joy and it makes me say....mine-mine-mine! It's so lovely!

As is clear from the above photo, it's a bit cloudy & rainy here today, however it's warm and there's a nice breeze, so Ishbel is finally blocking on the screened porch. She must be ready for birthday giving and it's coming up fast! It's knitted from Wollmeise 100% in Pfefferminz Prinz. There will be additional photos when the sun decides to shine.

Ishbel for mom

- must now rush back to the much cherished Saturday knit time. I hope you have a little time, too!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Central Virginia Girls' Excursion

Even after several cool rainy nights, we're still waiting on the full crash of fall colors here in the Blue Ridge.

Today's view

Today was still cool & a little cloudy - a perfect knitting day. Several Central Virginia Girls met up near Lovingston to visit Marilyn's house and see her knitting shop. It was very nice to meet her!

The Yarn Boutique

Afterwards, we gathered at Rapzunel's to enjoy some coffee, cookies, and well - knitting!

Here's Judy's blanket square:

Judy's blanket square

...and Cynthia's potholder-

Cynthia's potholder

...and Janice's scarf -

Jojoland Janice

...and my sock - which is too big, so I have to fiddle with it or RIPPIT.....grrr.

Too big sock :(

The only thing that might have made the day more enjoyable would have been the pleasure of your company with us! Hope you can join us next time!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Knitting Forecast - Cloudy with a 30% chance of knitting

Today's weather forecast - cloudy & windy with s-l-o-w-l-y changing leaves.

fall, but not a lot of color

Today's knitting forecast: scary because with just ten (10) more rows to go on Ishbel

Ishbel with 10 rows to go

I have only this much yarn left....eek! Please cross your eyes, fingers, toes, and legs - and hope that I make it through the bind-off!

Not much left

There's only about a 20% chance of any further progress on my Lacy Rib sock-

Lacy rib toe pattern

because DS#1 is coming home for the weekend (a surprise!) and we have NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE!

Nick as a hs senior

Cleaning, shopping, & hugging first - there'll be time for knitting a little later!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

FFF 2009

Over heard on Friday at school: "I'm not going to FFF this year...nope....I have too much yarn and I haven't knitted down last year's purchases.....need to go on a yarn I'm staying home."

So, what happened? I ended up driving over to the FFF today - alone.....just for a teensy little bit. I did it in the service of a friend as Janice is up in Massachusetts with her mom. Someone needed to go get her a little lace yarn and I felt it should be me!

Creatively Dyed Waterfall Lace in Mamoral

I think I accomplished a lot in the two hours I was there. In addition to getting Janice's yarn, I ran into friends Gren & Jeri. Jeri was watching a spinner Navajo ply and then got to give it a try. I tried it too & hope I can remember how to do it on my own wheel.

Navajo ply

I saw these lovely creations - Trindles - drop spindles with a very nontraditional top whorl. One of them might have followed me home. (link to etsy shop)


...and of course, the dog trials were amazing!


Hey, doggie! No gripping, OK?

Maybe by next year, I'll have developed the will-power to stay away, but that wouldn't be as much fun, would it?