Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"New" Knitting Territory

It's done. My knitting room has been repainted, re-tabled, and newly shelved. Yarnies are all sorted and stashed by weight in drawer bins. DPNs are all sorted & banded by size. There's a new bright cotton rug on the floor and a nice bright lamp in the corner. It's a very nice place to sit & knit/spin. I like it....and it's mine-all-mine (except for the kitties' litter box tucked in the corner- crap....literally!)

knitting room w/shelves

The first knitting project I completed in my new room were these:

Dead Simple Lace in LL Wendy's Sunrise2

They are WendyKnit's "Dead Simple Lace" in Lorna's Laces Wendy's Sunrise from TLE. I learned a lot about short rows with these socks. I have grown as a knitter! Thank you Wendy!

I'll leave you with this thought -
looking west toward the U.S.

Aahhhh - Bermuda.....beautiful! Happy knitting!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stash Room Re-do

Stash room decluttering

I've made a mess! Everything has been moved out of my knitting room and into the dining room. The knitting room received a coat of tinted primer yesterday and today, once Lifeguard Boy wakes up, will get the final coat of paint.

All of those papers in the foreground are remnants of three years of grad school....classes...projects...research.....all of it will go to live in a BIG box in the basement - then I'll organize my yarn stash and move everything back into my beautiful "new" room. Geesh - that's kind of scary - let's think about something nice:

Wollmeise collection 6/11/09

.......ah......a bag 0'Wollmeise.......inhale deeply.......all will be well!