Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cat Units & Stash Enhancement

Bella LeCat has been part of our family since March 16.
Bella Tricks LeCat
She was itty-bitty when she came home, so has been living in the "nursery', (master bathroom) and only coming out for supervised visits/playtime with big brother Gunston.
Ever alert Gunston
I think they can be together full-time now, don't you? Gunston has also taken to cleaning her ears and other routine grooming. I'm glad they're getting along so well! Whew!
Gunston & Bellas
In yarny news, here are a few recent stash enhancements:
3 skeins of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in the much sought after Dragonfly Tattoo (thanks to TLE email notices, I looked right away for once!)
Bugga in Dragon Tatoo
Wollmeise Twin grab bag - looking like a green Versuch.(does it have a name now?) and Lavendel to me.
Green Versuch & Lavendel Twin - WD

Now back to rainy day activities of closet organizing, spinning, & knitting - and hoping the rain will bring more pretty springy flowers and less pollen - a least for a little while!
Lilly of the Valley

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jenkins Jay/Lark Love

Last week I posted that I had adopted three Jenkins' Turkish spindles: a Kuchulu, a Jay/Lark, and a Standard. After recovering from my crazy weekend, I've had a chance to watch Wanda Jenkins' YouTube video and have been pretty successful at getting started on the Lark.
Lilac Jay/Lark - in progress

Please keep in mind that I am not an expert spinner. When spinning with my top whorl spindles, even the turbo Bosworth Moosie and Minis, I still mostly park and draft. I have been able to move past that, however, with the Jenkins' spindles. The Jay/Lark spins like crazy, plus the Lilac wood grain is very pleasing to behold. Win-win, I am totally sold on Turkish spindles!
Lilac Jal/Lark bottom

Gunston says, "So am I, Mom!"
My man Gunston

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mailbox Marvels!

This has been a crazy weekend! It started on Saturday morning with a 5k race at our elementary school, followed by a 12:30 - 3:30 rehearsal in C'ville, followed by a 6:30 concert call in Staunton. Today, Sunday, is equally busy: Holy Cross this morning; 12:30 concert call in C'ville, followed by a 3:30 concert and then a farewell reception for our director. :(

This weekend craziness has left little time for playing with the goodies from Saturday's mail delivery.
Jenkins' arrivals!

I'm jumping on the Turkish spindle bandwagon, having ordered three from Jenkin's Woodworking. They are so lovely - I can hardly wait to give them all a spin!

1. Kuchulu in Mora/Ebony
Mora Spindle

2. Lark/Jay option in Lilac
Lilac Jay'Lark

3. Standard in Canarywood
Canarywood Standard

Size comparison
Mora Kuchulu; Lilac Jay/Lark; Canarywood Standard

I'm looking forward to Spring Break and lot of spinning time!