Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stash Additives & a Plan!

Mid-May yarn
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Hello, my name is ckknitter and my stash room will hold no more. There are exactly six and 1/2 days left in my school year. The very first thing I plan to do when school is out is reorganize my knitting/spinning room.
Step #1: Move everything out & paint the room a soothing, calm green.
Step#2: Insert modified table- I have a beautiful square old table (refinished by moi) in there now. It has beautifully turned legs, but the top is not in the best condition...and it's, well, square - so it takes up a good portion of one corner. My plan is to take it apart and put each half against a wall thus making a long counter. This is will give me a little more room.
Step #3: Stash storage - I'll get some rolling plastic drawer bins to go underneath. That's where my stash will live. I'll need help hanging the bookshelves (the knitting/spinning books are as plentiful as the yarn/fiber).
Step #4: Knit the summer away using only what's in the above stash or next summer , I'll be knocking out WALLS to add more storage!

Keep your fingers crossed for a quick & easy fix-up!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Color Intensity & the Noro Wisp

Mid May morning
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It's really beautiful here this morning. The rains have turned the grass, tree leaves, and other foliage various shades of achingly edgy, bright shades of green. Whenever the sun decides to peek out from behind the clouds, it's almost too intense to look at....aahhhh - lovely spring colors!

The spring flowers are fading, but still offer glimpses of colorful beauty. Even faded, who can resist the combination of green and purplish-pink?
May09 Rhodie

That's how I feel about one of my current knitting projects. It's Wisp scarf/shawl from (free pattern!).
Noro Wisp

The simple lace pattern shows off the colors of the Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn perfectly. I'm having a hard time putting it down - which is a good thing, because I'll be giving it as a gift soon. Hopefully, unlike the spring flowers, these colors won't fade away!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maryland Sheep and Wool - the afterglow!

Janice, Stacey, & I were fortunate to be able to attend the Maryland Sheep and Festival just outside of Columbia, Maryland last weekend. We had lots of fun, but were exhausted at the end of our day of seeing and feeling and smelling all the yarn. Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy - so my camera didn't come out of its pouch too often. I hope I'll have a chance to take more photos next time.

#1. On the way in, I literally
ran into Cindy R. We're in the Cindy Knitter's group together on Ravelry, were swap partners & had exchanged phone numbers in hopes of meeting in person. As I was walking in, I looked to my right, and walking right next to me was a person with a very familiar haircut (memorized from stalking photos). It was Cindy R! I was so surprised, I accidentally set my camera on video - which explains what is posted below:

Embarrassing - but it was very nice to meet her in person!

#2. I saw this person, but did not meet him or Jess or Heather or any of the others...too many other Ravellers in the way - but I got a MSW 2009 button, featuring Bob!
Fearless leader

#3. Then I saw this person - it's JUDY!
Sheep stalker

She was stalking these cute little things with her camera-
MSW -sheepies

Those are the only on-site photos I took b/c of the rain., but here's the yarn parade with linkies. If you ever have a chance to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool, you really should!

Autumn House Farm - Finnean's Rainbow

August Fiber Farm Merino Rayon-MSW

Misty Mountain Farm
Misty Mountain Farms Superfine Alpaca - MSW

Blue Ridge Yarns/Misty Mountain Farm -MSW
Curious Creek Merino/Silk
Curious Creek Silk/Merino-MSW

Tess Designer Yarns
Tess' Designer Yarns - superwash Merino

Bossie spindle-Sumac w/walnut shaft
Bossie -Sumac w/walnut shaft from MSW09