Friday, September 26, 2008

DRT & All The Rest...

In the beginning, there was dial-up - and people were happy and made internet social connections and visited many websites...and e-mailed all their friends...and it was good. Then there was DSL and the promise of Broadband for faster internet connections - and people bought iPods to download music and cameras upload photos using these faster connections and workplaces went to high-speed, thus spoiling the people....and it was oh so good, especially at work! Then the people decided that DSL could be a work-related deduction for a spouse....and the spouse was happy....and the offspring were happy...and the mommy was happy - except when the wind blew...or it got too hot...or it rained.... then DSL didn't (and doesn't) work - especially if the people lived in the middle of the woods....and the people were sad because they had to blog-post with no photos...and had to use only words to describe the amazing photo-finish of the Dish Rag Tag race...because it's raining and I'm using dial-up and can't upload photos and that REALLY STINKS!

It's here! .....picking up THE BOX

Treats! goodies from Kathy in MA

Anyway, here's my part in the second place finish for the Rag Taggers in Dish Rag Tag - sans photos. You see - I was last. The last knitter to knit out a dish rag in under two stuff it in a box along with lots of goodies, wrap the box in tape and stickers and drive it to the post office - sending it off to Emily-the Dish Rag Tag Mom- hoping that we might still be able to win! Well, we didn't - we came in second. The box seemed to fall into a void after I mailed it - there were no shipping updates between when I dropped it off here in Virginia and just before it was delivered to Emily in Alabama. For all our team knew, the box was in a ditch somewhere in South Carolina. I was SO relieved when Emily posted on our team's forum that she had received the box! Whew. Being last was a nerve-wracking experience. It was fun, but I'm not sure I'll do it again...once school starts, my time is no longer flexible!

Goign to Emily's the box on its way to Emily and a second place finish!

Other updates - I love spindle spinning, but have not fallen in love with spinning on a wheel. Friend Catspaw (plurk) Catspawlace (ravelry) let me borrow her wheel while she was away. Maybe I'll feel differently after lessons - right now, I'm relying on what I remember from what Janice told me before she left for her visit.

Other plurk related news: I mailed my package to my plurk exchange partner and she has not picked it up from the post office. The notice says that they will return it if they can't deliver it. I hope she gets it soon...otherwise a couple of things might get a little too soft! Hmmmmm?!?


Will put up photos as soon as it stops raining :~}

P.S: Please click my dragon eggs

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sneak Up?

I like my blog. I enjoy re-reading my posts - it reminds me of how I felt at that particular moment - enjoying a scenic view

September sunrise

or creating something special from yummy yarn. When I re-read this post, I'm sure I'll remember how busy it's been around here since school began. Not a lot of time for knitting - just a little time for spindle spinning

My spindles as of 9-14-08

- a little time for grading papers


- a little time for plurking


- and a little time for thinking about my friends. I'm really lucky to have good friends, both real and virtual. My real-life friends are true Godsends. I get all out of sorts when I can't spend enough time with them. They help keep me sane when things are tough and help me celebrate when things are really good! My plurky virtual friends are quite diverse, but we are bonded by our love of all-things- fiber. The virtuals also help me celebrate and help keep me sane. Plurkville is a nice little community and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Now I'm feeling sneaky. You see, on plurk you catch little snippets of each others' lives. You learn who's not feeling well, who's having difficulty with kids, whose partner is deployed, who's just spun up or dyed up yummies, and what everyone is having for dinner. You learn who lost a pet, whose mom calls too much, and who's out of toilet paper. Sometimes it's TMI, but most of the time it's just loads of fun.....and sometimes it gives you ideas......


Hmmmmmm........ I'm feeling sneaky.....just sayin'.