Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Kool way to Dye - I think

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So, I have this yarn and have had it for years. I listed it on Ravelry for trade/sale and actually had a few inquiries, but before I could act on them, I got a p.m. from JeaninMaine who suggested that I overdye it using kool-aid. After looking at some stashed overdyed yarn on Ravelry and getting some encouragement from my plurk-buds, I've decided to give it a try! I'm thinking something purple or peachy, but will check out the kool-aid supply at the grocery store and see what they have. I think this will be fun! Be sure to check back to see how it turns out :~)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ladder Shawl

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I finished the Ladder Shawl on Sunday afternoon. It was an easy knit -just 5x5 ribbing and then dropping stitches. Dropping stitches with novelty yarn is not much fun, as the section using the eyelash yarn got a bit tangled, but everything came out well in the end! ...and the needles were big #11...I'm more of a #2-#5 girl myself...but big needles are OK every now & then.

About those Ravelympics....I'm withdrawing the Slave to the Plurk socks from the competition and focusing on the two 85% complete projects and the one 50% complete project. I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...I think.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

WIP Wrestling

Hey! I only have three more rows to go before I finish the twisty ribbon thingie! That 's not really what it' s called, only what I chose to call it early one morning while fighting with a section of ribbon yarn. I really think this will turn into a gift. Even though I love the yumminess of the Noro colors, I can't imagine myself wearing it. Maybe I'll feel differently after the stitches are dropped. Here it is -3 rows from completion-
Almost completed Ladder Shawl

I signed up for the Ravelympics last night. I'll be doing WIP Wrestling and trying to finish a couple of
almost complete projects: a dog sweater for my m-i-l's charity knitting group and a Tahki cotton sweater from way back; and the Slave to the Plurk socks I just started and the BIG ONE - the De Colores jacket. It's going to require a little fudging, modification which is why it's been resting in a box for awhile. Whew - I'm already tired just thinking about it - sure do hope I can keep up!
I've also been doing a little spinning - if you can call it that. Yesterday morning I played with the little merino/bamboo sample I got with my Flawful Fibers order. It wanted to be tiny and fortunately, that was the weight I wanted to practice spinning - I love how it shines!
merino-bamboo sample from
In other yarn related news, friend Janice loan me her umbrella swift and ball winder to use while she's relaxin' by the lake. At last count, I have 10 new skeins of yarn of wind into balls.....and I think there's more in the closet (of course there is!) - so I have lots to keep me busy for the next few days...months...maybe a years! When do you think I'll be finished? No matter how long it takes, I'm really looking forward to playing with all of my new yarny goodness - that will be my vacation!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nanner complete, but not yet ripe!

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Yesterday I finished my Nanner socks! Yippee! I still love the green colorway - the variegations are very subtle and I think it shows Wendy's pattern well. I have decided to knock out a few of my WIPs before starting something new - I'll have to really resist temptation, what with all of my new yarny goodness calling to me from all over the house!

Here's what White Socks thinks of the whole thing - ho hum...just don't wake me up.....OK?
What a hunk of a kitty!

Friday, July 18, 2008

July Yarn Haul continues

It seems that my summer vacation budget has been spent on yarn, at least so far! I've visited four different yarn shops - shops that I would not ordinarily visit because they area not in my usual prowling area. In early July, Cindy L & I visited Orchardside in Raphine; last week Janice & I visited The Yarn Lounge and The Knitting Basket in Richmond; and this week, while the boys were riding rollercoasters at Busch Gardens, I returned to The Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg. My purchases at Knitting Sisters were mostly gifts, but I did manage to acquire a new Lantern Moon basket for me!
I've also added a substantial amount of internet purchased yarn-
My first Loopy Ewe purchases - Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn - yummy!
Cherry Tree Hill

My first Lime & Violet purchase - Just Ripe Nanners Boob Edition

C*EYE*BER Fiber Yarn for the Cause (Obama cause) - Fired Up & Yes We Can..(although it took a month to get the yarn)

...and the BIG score - 4 skeins of Wollmeise

Have you noticed that all of my new yarn is sock yarn? This is mostly due to the fact that sock yarn is affordable...and times 4 yarn shops, it's what I could get the most of! So Wendy.... looks like I'll be knittin' lots of socks! I've already chosen patterns for most of my new stuff, so stay tuned to see what I start cranking out, although some of the patterns are difficult and I'm already the slowest knitter on the face of the Earth! I'll eventually git 'er done I hope!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Noro & Ladder Shawl

Ladder Shawl1
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Last Sunday evening I had the need to handle yummy yarn, so I decided to start the Ladder Shawl using Noro Silk Garden and Cash Iroha. Friend Janice and I have spent lots of time discussing the amount of vegetation living in Noro, but I think I can overlook that because the colors are so glorious! Knitting with this yarn makes me feel good. I love how the colors change - it's almost hypnotic.
I'm also using a little Moda Dea Spellbound, which is a ribbon yarn with a little bit of sparkly in it. When I'm binding off, I'll drop every fifth stitch to create the ladders. I think this one is going to be good!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yarn Haul - again!

Yesterday, friend Janice & I took a trip to Richmond. We were inspired by our plurk-buddy LBinVA who, several weeks ago, posted lovely photos of Maymont Park - so Janice & I decided to combine a trip to see the Japanese Gardens in person and also, visit a couple of LYS's! Here's our trip in photos and words.

The first stop was a shop called The Yarn Lounge which was recommended to us by plurky LB. We were hoping to perhaps meet LB and treat her to lunch, but it's kind of weird meeting online people in person AND many people think LB is imaginary anyway, so we didn't hold out much hope for that to happen. (I did Rava-mail my cell # to LB's imaginary Ravelry page, just in case she felt like meeting some sister plurkers in the flesh.) SO - The Yarn Lounge is located in the Carytown section of Richmond. It's a very hip little shop with yummy yarns and very nice people. Here's what I scored while there:
It's Fleece Artist sock yarn. I was drawn to the vibrant colors, partly because it was a somewhat dreary day. I'm thinking these will be Jaywalker socks or maybe Monkey socks. I'll look at the pattern when I finish my Nanners!
I was also tempted into purchasing this yummy Sea Silk:
This came with a scarf pattern....can't wait to get it on needles! While we were paying for our goodies, my cellphone rang. The caller identified herself as an "imaginary person" so, we're thinking it was LB...or someone who pretends to be LB. In an case, it was very nice to talk to a plurky ravelous friend!

We had lunch at a nearby Thai Diner II and then made our way over to Maymont Park where we enjoyed the beauty of the Japanese gardens -
We thought about starting out for home right after our garden tour, but decided we had enough energy left for one more yarn adventure, so we headed over to The Knitting Basket on Grove Avenue for some more yarn fondling fun! Here's my score from that location:
The black is On Your Toes sock yarn and the hand dyed blue is by Pagewood Farm....yummmmmy! This will be used for faux fair isle socks one time soon, unfortunately!

We ended our day at the Starbucks on Grove Avenue - I needed a nonfat latte to help me drive home. We had so much fun, we're thinking of doing another road trip next week - maybe to Williamsburg to visit The Knitting Sisters! I think this has somehow become the Summer of Yarn for me! With any luck, there'll be more on the way!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Yarn Haul

Yesterday my friend Cindy (yes, another Cindy) & I went to Raphine to visit Orchardside Yarn Shop. It's located next to an historic old mill...very pastoral setting - see?


Since the second skein of Regia Bamboo for Pam's Clapotis scarf has disappeared from the face of the Earth, I decided I'd better start a back-up project, so I bought this to make a Ladder Shawl - it's a big needle & drop stitch project, so it shouldn't take very long. I sure do hope I find the other skein of Regia, because I LOVE the colors in the Noro I bought. Sure would like to keep it for ME!
Ladder Shawl from Orchardside Yarns

After I got home, I decided to plurk for awhile & a plurker, I think catmum, posted that the Wollmeise site was being updated. I've never had Wollmeise, but I love the colors and have been lurking about on Ravelry to see if anyone might have some to sell to a Wollmeise virgin such as me. Well, I scored on the site! Even though I was 1. on dial-up (stinkin' DSL) and 2. not registered on the site, I was able to get 4 lovely skeins! I messed up though - in my hurry to get some, I did not read that I only need one skein for a pair of socks, so I'm going to end up with 2 Rosenrot
and 2 Versuchskaninchen.

Maybe I can post them for trade on Ravelry or maybe I'll give them someone as a gift...or maybe I'll just keep them until I need them - apparently I'm feeling a bit selfish about all the new yarn I have! Imagine that! I'll think I'll sit and knit awhile and contemplate the goodness of yarn-sharing - it won't hurt to think about it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Green Nanner progress

green nanners
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First of all, I'd like to share that my graduate project presentations went oh-so-well, thank you and now I'm in the process of tying up lots of loose ends - final exams, reports for practicum projects, evaluations, etc. Somehow, I thought that when Tuesday July 1 arrived, I'd not be busy anymore -duh-me.....I was wrong. The good news is that I'm basically finished. I've applied for graduation, made hotel reservations for graduation weekend, and the whole cohort has asked for the Friday before as a professional leave day, since we're required to be at graduation. Whew...this might actually happen - who'd have ever thought it?
I've made lots of progress on my Nanner socks, but have reached a point where I have to wrapped stitches together before knitting the heel flap and I'm confused. I'll call friend Janice today and she'll clarify everything for me - she's so smart! I guess I could have plurked Wendy about it, but the post area is limited to a certain number of words and it might take more to make me understand.....brain fried that I am!
Today Cindy L & I are going on a field trip to Orchardside Yarn Shop in Raphine. I've been trying to go there for y-e-a-r-s. It's not far, but life has always managed to get in the way of popping over the mountain. I'll share my new stash items when I return!