Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nanner complete, but not yet ripe!

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Yesterday I finished my Nanner socks! Yippee! I still love the green colorway - the variegations are very subtle and I think it shows Wendy's pattern well. I have decided to knock out a few of my WIPs before starting something new - I'll have to really resist temptation, what with all of my new yarny goodness calling to me from all over the house!

Here's what White Socks thinks of the whole thing - ho hum...just don't wake me up.....OK?
What a hunk of a kitty!


Judy said...

Love the nanners...and what a pretty kitty. Is he snuggly?

ckknitter said...

He acts snuggly, then when you're not paying attention - WHACK - he swats at you. He's 14 & gets cranky quickly!