Friday, July 18, 2008

July Yarn Haul continues

It seems that my summer vacation budget has been spent on yarn, at least so far! I've visited four different yarn shops - shops that I would not ordinarily visit because they area not in my usual prowling area. In early July, Cindy L & I visited Orchardside in Raphine; last week Janice & I visited The Yarn Lounge and The Knitting Basket in Richmond; and this week, while the boys were riding rollercoasters at Busch Gardens, I returned to The Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg. My purchases at Knitting Sisters were mostly gifts, but I did manage to acquire a new Lantern Moon basket for me!
I've also added a substantial amount of internet purchased yarn-
My first Loopy Ewe purchases - Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn - yummy!
Cherry Tree Hill

My first Lime & Violet purchase - Just Ripe Nanners Boob Edition

C*EYE*BER Fiber Yarn for the Cause (Obama cause) - Fired Up & Yes We Can..(although it took a month to get the yarn)

...and the BIG score - 4 skeins of Wollmeise

Have you noticed that all of my new yarn is sock yarn? This is mostly due to the fact that sock yarn is affordable...and times 4 yarn shops, it's what I could get the most of! So Wendy.... looks like I'll be knittin' lots of socks! I've already chosen patterns for most of my new stuff, so stay tuned to see what I start cranking out, although some of the patterns are difficult and I'm already the slowest knitter on the face of the Earth! I'll eventually git 'er done I hope!

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