Sunday, May 30, 2010

Color Options & Play-off Style

Once school is out and after I'm caught up on all my other WIPs, I want to make Anna Dalvi's StarLight double-knitted shawl. I've been playing around with my color options and would like opinions please. I'm leaning toward one of the below, but would like your input on the combinations posted. Which do you think?

WD Die Auster & Fuschia
WD Die Auster & Fuschia

Zenzi & WD Petersilie
Zenzi & WD Petersilie

WD Birkenrinde (a little piggy) & Fuschia

WD Birkenrinde & Petit Poison #5
WD Birkenrinde & Petit Poison #5
hmmmm......maybe I should make four of those shawls!

On the family-front, it's soccer play-off season again, so DS#3 came home today looking like this:

What can I say? It's a team tradition....grrrr....although the timing is really bad b/c graduation is less than a week away! I hope his graduation cap covers it up!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spindle Spun

...and plied. Gaaaa - that was scary, but it turned out alright despite the occasional tangles and spindle snags. This is about 60 yards of merino/tencel lycell given to me by DS#1 for my big 5-0 b'day back in January. I was spinning it for the May Challenge over on the Spindler's Group on Ravelry. The challenge was to choose a piece of artwork and co-ordinate a little hand spun to go with it. My art was Georgia O'Keefe's Early Spring Moonrise, 1930. Even though my skein is little, I like it a lot! It's SHINY!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Knitting Mojo

Have you ever been in a knitting funk? Well, I'm there right now. I have three shawls ONT and am at sticky spots in all of them. To make matters worse, I really want to cast on for the Moonfleet shawl because my yarn is sooooo pretty
Moonfleet Eos-Seashell Gradiance
and the Spoiler photos of Clue 1 posted on Ravelry are really tempting.

To distract myself, I've been playing around with a new drop spindle, purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It's a Bosworth Mini in Marblewood. The roving is merino/tencel dyed by cloudlover over on Etsy. DS#1 purchased it for my b'day in January. I'm spinning this for the Spindler's group May challenge - paintings and roving. Here's my roving
Cloudlover merino/tencel lycell
Spindler May Monthly challenge2
and here's the painting:
Georgia O'Keefe Lake George, Early Moonrise Spring, 1930

There's only a little more left to spin and I'll have to figure out how to ply it on a spindle.....never done that before! Maybe that will shock me out of my knitting funk and get me back to my sticks and string!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool-2010

was -
  • hot
  • more crowded than last year
  • more fun than last year
  • and offered even more enticing merchandise! (please see below)
2010 MDSWF haul

The above includes -
  • 8 ounces of Persimmon Tree roving (multi-color)
  • 4 ounces of Icelandic roving (natural)
  • Spanish Peacock Snowflake spindle in Holly/Bloodwood
  • Bosworth Mini in Marblewood/Cochin Rosewood
  • Brooks Farm Acero-2 skeins
  • Miss Babs Bamboo Baby in Plum
  • 2 pairs of Signature Needles - 3 & 5
In addition to the booty, 5 members of the Cindy Knitters group met up. There were actually 7 of us there, but we didn't know it until after we all got home. Next year we'll be more organized about getting the word out.

Heading off now to play with stuff!