Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankfully Drama-less Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your T'day was as pleasant as ours. We spent our day in Great Falls with a lot of DH's family. Mom and Dad were there and it looks like they enjoyed their day, too!
Mom & Dad T'giving 09

This was the most drama we experienced during Thanksgiving. DS#2 won the honor of wearing the Turkey Hat this year! Somehow, this seems very appropriate! :)
Turkey Man 09

Today, on Black Friday, I ventured into Old Town Alexandria to check out Fiber Space, a new-ish yarn shop that WendyKnits blogged about last week. Here's their cool bag, which means I must have reached a certain $$ threshold in purchases! (the Swan spindle & roving are mine, but I'm not saying what else might be the bag.....shhhhh!)
Fibre Space
New spindle & fibery goodness

Fiber Space is a great little shop stocked with some good reliable yarns like Cascade and Berrocco, and also some hand-dyed goodies like Neighborhood Fiber Company and Miss Babs and they have lots of Malabrigo...and it's very close to my s-i-l's house. This gives me another very good reason to go visit my s-i-l a little more often!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mom's Birthday Ishbel

Ever since my m-i-l saw me knitting the Imbloc shawl two years ago, she's been "jokingly" asking when she might expect a shawl of her own. I decided that 2009 was to be the year! I finished this project about a month ago, but have been waiting to blog about it until after the gifting portion was completed. Here's my Ishbel from start to Mom - knitted in Wollmeise Pffefferminz Prinz.

Pffefferminz Ishbel

Ishbel progress

Ishbel progress

Pfefferminz Ishbel

Mom's Ishbel

Ta-da! She loves it and I loved making it for her and giving it to her! Happy Birthday Mom (and dad too!)!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Gathering of Knitters

On Saturday, Janice & I headed out of our mountains and a little north of here to Graves Mountain Lodge to meet up with some plurk/Ravelry/ Facebook knitting friends from other parts of Virginia and North Carolina. Here's what we saw as soon as we got out of the car.


We met up with knitting friends, Lara, Summer, and Julie- even though we didn't know them, we recognized them by their hand-knits! We knitted for a bit, then were found by Frances and L-B, and then by Wendy, Aimee, and Dani. There was a little more knitting and then lunch-where even more knitters showed up!


Right after lunch, we hit the road for a trip out to Kid Hollow Farm -


where Pat and Steve graciously opened their studio doors so we could fondle a little yarn


and more yarn

yarny yums

and more yarn

who's holding that bag?

and more yarn....who's that?


-and then they introduced us to their herd, a.k.a. "yarn on the hoof". :)


beautiful eyes

It was good day and good to put names to faces and get to know folks a little better, but our knitting time together was all too's hoping for another chance for more gatherings of knitters in the near future!