Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ejyafjallajökull - that's easy for you to say!

It's done! The Ejyafjallajökull shawl is blocked and dry and lovely! And just in time, too, as I leave for Scotland via Iceland and the Ejyafjallajökull volcano/glacier on Monday! Yep, on Tuesday night, I'll be sleeping at the base of the volcano....shawl in hand and camera at the ready. I'll have three nights and four days in Iceland. There's so much to see! We're going to stay on the southern part of the Ring Road, #1, and visit geysers, springs and waterfalls.

So, here's my Ejyafjallajökull shawl by Anna Dalvi. Looks a lot like lava, don't you think?

Ejya Shawl

More from Iceland next week!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

It's been a beautiful weekend here- just right for Memorial Day celebrations. I've been trying to squeeze as much "fun"as possible into the three day weekend. Here's what's been happening around here:
A little sock knitting...I'm almost ready to decrease for the toe. Note to self- knit toe up the next time!

I'll spend a little time working on the flower beds behind our house. They've been neglected too long. The plants are (l to r) hellebores, variegated hostas, Ruby Slipper Oak Leaf hydrangea, Creeping Jenny, and red leafed Coral Bells.
...and I'm sure there will be more cat cuddling- that's in high demand around here....but look at that face....who could resist?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Round of MIA Blogger Syndrome

Well, another year has rolled around and I've been a MIA blogger and a MIA knitter. I have no excuse about the blogging. Just laziness.  I have been knitting, but just not finishing anything. We have, however,  had some momentous family occasions since my last post, so let me get you all caught up!

First, in August 2012, our oldest son Nick married his lovely bride, Meagan.  We gained a lovely daughter and had a fabulous time at their lovely wedding.

Then the school year began.

I loved my students, but it was not a good year.
Roller coaster.
Enough said about that as it will be over in a couple of short weeks.

Peter, one of our twins, enlisted in the Air Force and went to BMT in January.  It was difficult not being in communication with him for eight weeks, but we cherished those rare calls.

While Peter was at BMT, his dear Granny,  my sweet mom-in-law, became very ill.  All of the family gathered to say our good-byes in March.  Her service was a wonderful tribute to her life. She is loved, cherished, and greatly missed.

About a week after Mom's funeral, John, Alex, and I traveled to San Antonio to be with Peter at his BMT graduation.  We were so proud of him! He was an expert marksman and an Honor Graduate.
He's just completed the first part of his Technical Training at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. Last Thursday, he moved to Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas for the remainder of his training.  He'll finish in mid-August.  Avionics....that's his field.  He hopes to learn the location of his first base assignment in the next few weeks!

Then there's Alex, the other twin brother.  He's doing been busy completing his Junior year at GMU and doing this:

....and this:
...and this:
What can I say?

That's a quick family update to fill in the gap of the past 11 months.  There's a big trip scheduled for this summer, so I'll try to find my blogging groove before then!