Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ejyafjallajökull - that's easy for you to say!

It's done! The Ejyafjallajökull shawl is blocked and dry and lovely! And just in time, too, as I leave for Scotland via Iceland and the Ejyafjallajökull volcano/glacier on Monday! Yep, on Tuesday night, I'll be sleeping at the base of the volcano....shawl in hand and camera at the ready. I'll have three nights and four days in Iceland. There's so much to see! We're going to stay on the southern part of the Ring Road, #1, and visit geysers, springs and waterfalls.

So, here's my Ejyafjallajökull shawl by Anna Dalvi. Looks a lot like lava, don't you think?

Ejya Shawl

More from Iceland next week!


Mereknits said...

I can not even believe how gorgeous that shawl is. What amazing work, I love it. Have a fantastic trip.

Knitting Diva said...

This shawl is fabulous and you are a fabulous knitter !