Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spinning Pretty

Zebisis spindle
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Hello - my name is Cindy and I have been obsessed with all things fiber-related for several years. I can't seem to get this addiction under control. Tell me about Sneak Ups....I'm there.....Show me a pretty spindle....I'm on a waiting list.....Hint about grey screens.....I'll stalk it.....Whisper about lovely batts......I'm ready to wallow in them! I'm now thinking of ways to rearrange/reorganize my knitting room because-GUESS WHAT? It's kind of crowed in there!

This lovely double whorl spindle is made of turquoise and amazonite and is from Zebisisdesigns on etsy:§ion_id=5560028 - She sent along a lovely blended bit of fiber that is as beautiful as it is buttery.

I'm thinking fiber addition is a good thing!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Acts of Fiberness

There's been little time for blogging - the school year and my class schedule are both in a death spiral and our lives have been wacky busy as usual. Our busy-ness, however, has not prevented some cool fiberlicious things from squeezing their way into the chaos. First, there was Kat's Random Wednesday package that randomly arrived containing a lovely bit of fluff. You can read about Random Wednesday at her blog. Kat's etsy shop is paper and yarn - she's a generous crafter & wonderful plurk-friend!
Random Wednesday prezzie
Next to not so randomly arrive was a SWAP package from my Cindy Knitters group on Ravelry. CynthiaW from British Columbia certainly knows how to spoil folks! Doesn't all this look wonderful?
Those yarns are Mission Falls (2 skeins of md. blue), Perl Grey (multi-colored), and Berroco Cotton Twist (the exquisite teal). She also included chocolates, post-its, chap stick, hand lotion, stitch markers, a little dinner bell (ala Canada), and these warm and comfy clogs-
- hand made by CynthiaW.
Janice, Stacey, and I are planning to attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May. I'm saving my dollars for some special purchases, but there was a recent Loopy Ewe sneak-up where I fell down....just a little. Several days later, these arrived at my house:
Fleece Artist Nyoni Special in Bronze
(to be uploaded as soon as DSL stops being wonky)

Sheep Paints in Frozen River
Sheep Paints Frozen River

That same day, moosie arrived...major squeee! Moosie is a spindle made from shed moose antlers. I signed up to be part of a "herd" last year and was thrilled when I got Sheila's email saying it was time to choose. The Bosworths also make lovely wooden spindles - and they're going to be vendors at MSW.
1st moosie #1

....and awhile back, Janice got lucky while stalking the lovely, but elusive Wollmeise. Here's my portion of the booty, Johannisbeer und Brennessel, minus the Hertzblut which was traded for Wilder Mohn.
Johannisbeer und Brennessel
...and lastly, the Mystic Rose KAL began on Friday. I have the first clue printed and my yarn (Wollmeise Lace Garn in Dornroschen) ready to roll. Here's the swatch - this was knitted on US 5s, but I'll do the shawl on US 4s for a tighter stockinette fabric.
(TBP later)

Yep, I'm read to roll - as soon as I finish this last BIG paper. Pausing for a blog update was a nice distraction. Now it's time to put the fibery goodness aside and finish the task at hand. When I'm done, there will lots of fiberiness to occupy my mind!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moosie has landed!

1st moosie #2
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Here's Moosie - fresh from the Bosworth's at Journey Wheel. She's cream colored with little flecks of green, nibbles, some stabilized crackles and in addition to being a work of art, she spins LIKE ALL GET OUT! Can you see why I lurves it so?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday Spinning at Denise Needles HQ

So it's March and I'm still doing this a lot:


and this too - spoiled creature!

Precious Boy

However yesterday, Saturday -the very last day of Febraury - I found a little time to do this:

Several of the Central Virginia Girls' group from Ravelry, plus Judy's friend Michelle from New York, gathered at the Denise Needles HQ for an afternoon of tea, cookies, chatting, and spinning. Here are some of the highlights -
This is the HQ for Denise Interchangeable Needles and a lovely room for spinning!

Denise Needles home

Let's all check in, shall we?

Emily - our lovely and gracious hostess!

Judy - (first steeked vest and bobbin!)...huh...did you want me to crop this photo? Oops!
Judy's first steek

Michelle - spinning & February Lady sweater

Spinning demo-

Stacey -finally breaks out of the house and enjoys an afternoon of spinning fun!
Stacey's bobbin

Cindy (duh....that's me!)
CKK spins
Cindy 's bobbin
I didn't take note of what everyone was spinning, so if you want to know more, post here and I'll find out and get back to you.

We surely had lots of fun, but missed Janice who had to go to a rehearsal instead of having fun with us. We missed her so much, we decided to meet at her house next time - lol! See what happens when you're not around? Do you think we should tell her or just show up one afternoon?

Keep knitting.....and spinning!