Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spinning Pretty

Zebisis spindle
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Hello - my name is Cindy and I have been obsessed with all things fiber-related for several years. I can't seem to get this addiction under control. Tell me about Sneak Ups....I'm there.....Show me a pretty spindle....I'm on a waiting list.....Hint about grey screens.....I'll stalk it.....Whisper about lovely batts......I'm ready to wallow in them! I'm now thinking of ways to rearrange/reorganize my knitting room because-GUESS WHAT? It's kind of crowed in there!

This lovely double whorl spindle is made of turquoise and amazonite and is from Zebisisdesigns on etsy:§ion_id=5560028 - She sent along a lovely blended bit of fiber that is as beautiful as it is buttery.

I'm thinking fiber addition is a good thing!

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