Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Finishers

The Ravelympics are at a halfway point and I've managed to complete three of my four entries. Of course, TWO of them were frogging projects, but they do count as FOs. This morning, I casted off the Opening Ceremonies shawlette. It's having a bath right now & will be blocked momentarily.

The big finisher of the week was not a Ravelympics project. On Tuesday, Day 13 of 13 total snow days, I completed and blocked the Enchanted Wood KAL shawl. None of the photos of the finished shawl do justice to the beautiful colors in the yarn, so to remind you of what a great job dyer Kelly did, I'm re-posting photos of the yarn skeins, the inspiration, and the best of FO photos I have. I was a little worried about pooling the brown section, but now I love every inch of its almost 60 inch wingspan. I've signed up for another Unique Sheep KAL, Moonfleet, and think you should, too!
Unique Sheep Luxe yarn in custom dyed Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset

Inspiration photo

January sunset 08

Finished Enchanted Woods shawl
Winter Sunset in Enchanted Wood 001

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 12

.....that is, this is the 12th consecutive day we've been out of school due to snow and icy roads. The month of February has yet to see students in our school. I'm still parked at the bottom of our driveway and the poor Explorer has been getting triple use, as three drivers share it to safely get up and down our road.

Yep, there's been no school, but there has been knitting. Lots and lots of knitting. Today, most likely my last day at home this week, I'll finish Clue 5 of The Enchanted Wood KAL shawl.
Clue 3

Last night, I finished Clue 1 of the Evenstar KAL -
Evenstar 007

and also knitted a little on my Opening Ceremonies Shawlette, a Ravelympics project.
Evenstar 001

I've enjoyed these snowy days, but now I know it's time for reality to rear its ugly head....time to get back to work and back to school. :( It's back to knitting at night for me!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed In - #3

Snowy scene

We've had more snow...this time from Friday until about mid-day yesterday, Saturday. There was less accumulation this time, only 9-10 inches, but it was a very heavy and wet snow and coated every little branch and twig. Some branches got too heavy - like this one across our driveway.

Broken branch

I took advantage of being confined to the house, and finally finished Clue 2 of The Enchanted Woods Shawl KAL. This was only accomplished with the help of my Knitting Guru, Janice, who read her pattern to me over the phone while I compared it with my written instructions and my stitches. After we discovered the error - did I have the wrong copy of the pattern...don't think was easy-peasy to finish.

Clue 2-TEW

The rest of the day was spent with friends who came to visit....from here:

Snow Day friend

Thank goodness for Knitting Gurus and Ravelry - with them around, a knitter will never be stuck or lonely!