Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed In - #3

Snowy scene

We've had more snow...this time from Friday until about mid-day yesterday, Saturday. There was less accumulation this time, only 9-10 inches, but it was a very heavy and wet snow and coated every little branch and twig. Some branches got too heavy - like this one across our driveway.

Broken branch

I took advantage of being confined to the house, and finally finished Clue 2 of The Enchanted Woods Shawl KAL. This was only accomplished with the help of my Knitting Guru, Janice, who read her pattern to me over the phone while I compared it with my written instructions and my stitches. After we discovered the error - did I have the wrong copy of the pattern...don't think was easy-peasy to finish.

Clue 2-TEW

The rest of the day was spent with friends who came to visit....from here:

Snow Day friend

Thank goodness for Knitting Gurus and Ravelry - with them around, a knitter will never be stuck or lonely!


Ida said...

I know all that snow is a pain, but it looks beautiful in your photos.

Cindy said...

I want to come visit you! All we ever get is rain! And not much of that.