Sunday, May 30, 2010

Color Options & Play-off Style

Once school is out and after I'm caught up on all my other WIPs, I want to make Anna Dalvi's StarLight double-knitted shawl. I've been playing around with my color options and would like opinions please. I'm leaning toward one of the below, but would like your input on the combinations posted. Which do you think?

WD Die Auster & Fuschia
WD Die Auster & Fuschia

Zenzi & WD Petersilie
Zenzi & WD Petersilie

WD Birkenrinde (a little piggy) & Fuschia

WD Birkenrinde & Petit Poison #5
WD Birkenrinde & Petit Poison #5
hmmmm......maybe I should make four of those shawls!

On the family-front, it's soccer play-off season again, so DS#3 came home today looking like this:

What can I say? It's a team tradition....grrrr....although the timing is really bad b/c graduation is less than a week away! I hope his graduation cap covers it up!


mehitabel said...

I'd try a swatch of each combo--after looking at the Rav picture of the original, I'd worry a bit about getting enough contrast between the solid and the multi. My guess is the b&w and fuchsia would work the best!

Jadielady said...

Without looking at the pattern, I say the first one!! love the colors!

catspaw said...

My first choice would be #1, second would be #2.

knittingdragonflies said...

I love the yarn! I'm looking at shawl patterns and trying to decide what to make.