Thursday, July 3, 2008

Green Nanner progress

green nanners
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First of all, I'd like to share that my graduate project presentations went oh-so-well, thank you and now I'm in the process of tying up lots of loose ends - final exams, reports for practicum projects, evaluations, etc. Somehow, I thought that when Tuesday July 1 arrived, I'd not be busy anymore -duh-me.....I was wrong. The good news is that I'm basically finished. I've applied for graduation, made hotel reservations for graduation weekend, and the whole cohort has asked for the Friday before as a professional leave day, since we're required to be at graduation. Whew...this might actually happen - who'd have ever thought it?
I've made lots of progress on my Nanner socks, but have reached a point where I have to wrapped stitches together before knitting the heel flap and I'm confused. I'll call friend Janice today and she'll clarify everything for me - she's so smart! I guess I could have plurked Wendy about it, but the post area is limited to a certain number of words and it might take more to make me understand.....brain fried that I am!
Today Cindy L & I are going on a field trip to Orchardside Yarn Shop in Raphine. I've been trying to go there for y-e-a-r-s. It's not far, but life has always managed to get in the way of popping over the mountain. I'll share my new stash items when I return!


Judy said...

Your green nanners look TASTY! Can't wait to finish the socks I'm on now so I can start my nanners!


Knitting Therapy said...

I love the nanners in green, I can't see myself wearing yellow socks even in the spirit of the plurkdem.

Congratulations!! Get ready for the big letdown - like Christmas afternoon when you asked "is that all there is to Christmas". At my hooding ceremony, my Dad asked me what my next project was. My brain was totally blank:)

I am new to your blog, what is your degree, from where and what are your plans?