Friday, July 4, 2008

Yarn Haul

Yesterday my friend Cindy (yes, another Cindy) & I went to Raphine to visit Orchardside Yarn Shop. It's located next to an historic old mill...very pastoral setting - see?


Since the second skein of Regia Bamboo for Pam's Clapotis scarf has disappeared from the face of the Earth, I decided I'd better start a back-up project, so I bought this to make a Ladder Shawl - it's a big needle & drop stitch project, so it shouldn't take very long. I sure do hope I find the other skein of Regia, because I LOVE the colors in the Noro I bought. Sure would like to keep it for ME!
Ladder Shawl from Orchardside Yarns

After I got home, I decided to plurk for awhile & a plurker, I think catmum, posted that the Wollmeise site was being updated. I've never had Wollmeise, but I love the colors and have been lurking about on Ravelry to see if anyone might have some to sell to a Wollmeise virgin such as me. Well, I scored on the site! Even though I was 1. on dial-up (stinkin' DSL) and 2. not registered on the site, I was able to get 4 lovely skeins! I messed up though - in my hurry to get some, I did not read that I only need one skein for a pair of socks, so I'm going to end up with 2 Rosenrot
and 2 Versuchskaninchen.

Maybe I can post them for trade on Ravelry or maybe I'll give them someone as a gift...or maybe I'll just keep them until I need them - apparently I'm feeling a bit selfish about all the new yarn I have! Imagine that! I'll think I'll sit and knit awhile and contemplate the goodness of yarn-sharing - it won't hurt to think about it!

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