Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jenkins Jay/Lark Love

Last week I posted that I had adopted three Jenkins' Turkish spindles: a Kuchulu, a Jay/Lark, and a Standard. After recovering from my crazy weekend, I've had a chance to watch Wanda Jenkins' YouTube video and have been pretty successful at getting started on the Lark.
Lilac Jay/Lark - in progress

Please keep in mind that I am not an expert spinner. When spinning with my top whorl spindles, even the turbo Bosworth Moosie and Minis, I still mostly park and draft. I have been able to move past that, however, with the Jenkins' spindles. The Jay/Lark spins like crazy, plus the Lilac wood grain is very pleasing to behold. Win-win, I am totally sold on Turkish spindles!
Lilac Jal/Lark bottom

Gunston says, "So am I, Mom!"
My man Gunston

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