Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"New" Knitting Territory

It's done. My knitting room has been repainted, re-tabled, and newly shelved. Yarnies are all sorted and stashed by weight in drawer bins. DPNs are all sorted & banded by size. There's a new bright cotton rug on the floor and a nice bright lamp in the corner. It's a very nice place to sit & knit/spin. I like it....and it's mine-all-mine (except for the kitties' litter box tucked in the corner- crap....literally!)

knitting room w/shelves

The first knitting project I completed in my new room were these:

Dead Simple Lace in LL Wendy's Sunrise2

They are WendyKnit's "Dead Simple Lace" in Lorna's Laces Wendy's Sunrise from TLE. I learned a lot about short rows with these socks. I have grown as a knitter! Thank you Wendy!

I'll leave you with this thought -
looking west toward the U.S.

Aahhhh - Bermuda.....beautiful! Happy knitting!


Shell said...

I am so envious. I have been trying to get to my craft spot all month to clean. Maybe next month?
Great Job!

JoAnn said...

I'm very envious! Everything has a place. Someday.... I'll have that too.

Ida said...

What a beautiful spot to knit.