Monday, April 20, 2009

The Story of the Traveling Stitch Markers

These stitch markers are from the Ravelry group, The Story of the Traveling Stitch Markers. The group was begun and the pretty markers made by Heather. She has sent out markers to every state in the U.S., plus some to Canada. The idea is similar to the Flat Stanley story - they travel around with you and then you write an entry about some adventure they shared while in your care. So here's mine.....not very exciting, but still here it is none-the-less!

The markers attended two church services with me - one on Good Friday and the second on Easter Sunday. Then we went off to Williamsburg and Busch Gardens where the markers hung out with me at an LYS called The Knitting Sisters. We had a great time visiting with the local knitters - they even invited me to have lunch with them!

The next day, the markers traveled to Virginia Beach where I forgot to take a photo of them on the beach - too bad for me!

I'm not going to be able to finish my clapotis project with them, so I'm ready to send them on to another part of the state - so be on the look out! You might be NEXT!

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JoAnn said...

What a neat idea! Oh the travels and stories all the stitch markers will have.