Friday, September 11, 2009

Three Things on Friday

Hooray - it's time for three things on Friday. Why? - because today is Friday and I just happen to have three knitting/spinning things to report - that's why!

1. I've have feenished ze clapotis - et voila! Tomorrow is for blocking. I'll use my new blocking wires and mats from KnitPicks. More pics will certainly follow.
Wollmeise Vincent Clapotis

2. Before school this morning I started the Circle Vest in Noro Chirimen. It's a wool/cotton/silk blend. I'm hoping it will be a three season piece. There's a whole lot of ribbing in this one!
Circle Vest beginning

3. This arrived today in mail......thanks again, Bev, for the Plurk post about the Labor Day code! This is from Andrea at NaturalObsessions. The silvery lavender roving is 100% Lyocell. I couldn't resist its shininess. Andrea included a pretty blue sample of's oh-so-soft and a little sample of Soak.
Lyocell in Unicorn Tail

...and now back to my regularly scheduled Friday night knitting! Enjoy your weekend!

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Murfomurf said...

That lyocell looks lovely- I love sewing and dyeing masses of (originally white) fine jersey lyocell, which was $2/metre for 152cm wide at Spotlight recently! The Clapotis looks grand finished, but I can see the endless repetition could drive anyone nutso. The circular rib thing will be gorgeous- like anything Noro! Happy knitting after all the time-wasting housework!