Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Have....

....a yard again! Yippee! This morning DH, DSs#2 & #3 and I raked all of the leaves in the backyard and my flower beds. Thank goodness - I can see green on the ground again. It was getting a little depressing looking at all those brown leaves.

There's no knitting news to report other than I've been in a little slump recently. I'm off-pace for the 10 shawls in 2010. I think Ravelympics did me in. To help me recover and perhaps inspire me again, there have been a couple of yarn-related purchases and trades, just as a form of therapy, mind you!

This is a Wollmeise 100% Kunderbundt "Therapy Bag" containing the "We're Different" colors of Petersilie(parsley), Merlot, Birkenrinde (birch tree), Versuchskaninchen blue (Agatha maybe?), and Baba Jaga, (deep reds, black and fuschia)....feeling a little better, thanks...wouldn't you?

100% Kunderbundt-a little therapy!

This is Dream in Color "Starry" from a TLE update. I want to make WendyKnit's Miss Woodhouse shawl with it.

DIC Starry - Dusky Aurora
Surely these will get me a-knitting again....and soon, I hope!