Sunday, April 11, 2010


Several of us CVGs (Central Virginia Girls)on Ravelry, drove out to beautiful Palmyra on Saturday. The weather was perfect-sunny, cloudless, and not too hot/cold....perfect weather for visiting Juniper Moon Farm and meeting their flock of sheep and angora goats. Juniper Moon is home of the "LambCam". Go to their website and check it out!
Juniper Moon

We had to feed them, of course...
dark angora
..and meet Ernie, the Hunk of Cotswold.
Ernie Cotswold

Then we went over and sat down with the flock while they grazed. Aren't the kids adorable?
angora kid

Judy managed to get one settled onto her lap. He stayed there for such a long time, we forgot he was there! I think Judy would have liked to slip him into her bag and bring him home!
Judy -kid

The joy of the day was compounded upon arriving home and checking the mailbox. My Moonfleet KAL yarn arrived from The Unique Sheep. It's their Eos yarn in Seashell Gradiance.
Moonfleet Eos-Seashell Gradiance

What's the perfect ending for a perfect day? I didn't have to cook dinner! Here's hoping for many more of the same!


Nerdy Knitter said...

So fun--thanks again for driving!

Cindy G said...

Looks like a wonderful outing! And boy are the colors on that yarn ever pretty.