Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

There it goes.....time.....speeding by. Did you see it? Did you notice 2010 evaporating at light speed? I did not. Suddenly, it's New Year's Eve again. As 2011 creeps closer, I find that I'm a little disappointed in my 2010 accomplishments. The old Knit-o-meter looks a little low on yardage. There are several long-term WIPs that are still residing in the ZZZZZ category over on Ravelry.
piece by piece
-for example!

My yarn room is absolutely obese, bulging at every seam. While this is not a real crisis, there is a little guilt involved in not knitting down my stash ...or at least visiting it a little more often. ;)
I'll not make New Year's resolutions, but I will make a list of 'hopes':
In 2011 , I hope to:
  • have more quality time with family/friends
  • laugh more
  • knit more
  • spin more
  • keep running
...and I hope your 2011 is filled with the same....except that running part, unless you really want to!
Happy New Year!
Bosworth gang

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besshaile said...

Oh - what a beautiful almost finished project.

May 2011 hold every good thing and my you fill up with the joy of it.