Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exponential WIP

De Colores 2

See this WIP? It's the De Colores jacket by Ginger Luters from the Fall 2002 issue of Knitting Magazine and the Module Magic book. But don't worry - I didn't start this project in 2002 - I started it in 2006 - well OK, maybe 2005.....but never mind that! It's been my focus in WIP Mania during the past two weeks.

De Colores 3

Every time I think I'm getting closer to the end, I remember that after I finish all of the sections (7 more to go for the sleeves) then I have to finish sewing in the ends......then I have to seam the sections......then I have to crochet edging all around the edges......THEN and only THEN will this WIP finally be finished. Yes, I've made progress, but goodness, I hope I still like it when it's finally done!


issy said...

Very impressive! I love the colours.

Cindy G said...

It's gorgeous, going to be a real show stopper!