Monday, July 6, 2009

WIP Mania - one down for the count

Aaaaahhhh - long weekends! They are especially good when we spend them here, at b-i-l's river "cabin".
Tim's July 2009

B-i-l recently moved house - literally - moving his retreat from the flood plain to just 14 inches over the 500 year flood zone up the hill. It's a much safer location and the house had a few upgrades in the process. It's very civilized for the wilds of West Virginia!

My m-i-l brought me a little present. I really like the photographs in this stitch dictionary. They are very clear.
new book

We enjoyed a beautiful and cool 4th of July weekend. (#1 son & gf on the river)
Down river S. Branch of Potomac
Nick & Meagan

...and I finished these: Slave to the Socks (the holes are part of the pattern, really!)
Slave to the Plurk socks

One WIP Mania project down & three to go! I think I might need another weekend get-away to help me knock out a few more!

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