Friday, August 28, 2009

Mini-mal Swapping

The Central Virginia Girls groups over on Ravelry had a little swap going on during July & August.....well, a mini swap really. We needed to make our swap partner a mini knitted item, find a mini food item, and include one other mini-type something. On Thursday afternoon I met my partner, Lara, over at the Lovingston Cafe. We enjoyed some good conversation, trading our items, and a little DELICIOUS pie & cheese cake. Pictured above is what Lara included in my package: a mini knitted hat, a mini drop spindle, some stitch markers, and Altoids-the small version. This was a great no-pressure type swap. It didn't require a lot of knitting time, at least on my part - yet it did require that you be thoughtful in your planning. Lara certainly hit the mark with hers! I'd recommend a mini-swap to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea- love the look of the mini-hat- almost the size of the ones I knitted for Misti's Simon last year! A mini-swap is a great idea for unemployed knitters like myself- it's impossible to go and buy a nice selection for a mail swap, but mini shows we're willing to join in and the thought is there :)