Saturday, October 9, 2010

MIA Knitter not only has my inner blogger been missing, my inner knitter has gone AWOL, too. While I have several wonderful projects OTNs, I have just not been moved or motivated to knit. Maybe it's partly concern that the kitten will get into my projects, or that it was too hot for sooooo long, or that I've started running a little three days a week....or maybe I just need a little break. Although I'm not producing any knitted results, I am still collecting yarn. Here's the evidence, from top to bottom:
Silber, Salamander, Wellenstittch..

WM Silberdistel 100%
WM Salamander WD 80/20
Wellenstittichengefelder 100%

Here's one of the aforementioned projects. It's Wendy's Shetland Pi in Mitternacht WM Lace Garn. I'm almost finished with Clue 3. I love the pattern because it's easy to remember and I haven't lost my place.....yet....

Shetland Pi at Clue 3

I've also been thinking about spinning and managed to find this beautiful Spanish Peacock Chechen Rose/Ebony spindle in a Ravelry destash. Lovely......
Spanish Peacock Chechen Rose/Ebony

So, I have beautiful tools and gorgeous yarn. Now all I need to do is knit and spin....need to find that creative mojo - I know it's around here somewhere!

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