Saturday, January 22, 2011

Darn It!

I need to learn how to darn. Two of my hand knit socks have, after years of steady service, developed holes. One might not be repairable, but I'm fairly certain the other is. After watching several darning technique YouTube videos, I think this is something I can at least try. But wait - I would need a darning egg or some sort. I've seen older ones at a local antique shop. I've heard reports that wooden eggs can be purchased at craft stores. I, however, was enticed by the beautiful wooden eggs turned by Phil Powell and for sale in his Etsy shop, Custom Wood Designs. This one is Osage Orange. Now upon closer inspection, I can see a crack in the dome of the egg. I've contacted the shop to see what's up with that... ;(
Osage Orange Darning Egg by Phil Powell
There's also been a small addition to my spindle family. This lovely little Golding Le Fleur in purpleheart was adopted from a Ravelry destash. It's a lovely little flower, don't you think? It's nesting atop Fiber Optics 50/50 SW merino/tencel in the Stormy Monday Blues #21 colorway.
Gold Purpleheart Le Fleur
Now I'm off to flip a coin to help me decide what to do first: 1. be responsible and take care of some paperwork 2. play with the newest family members 3. knit on my mittens

Maybe it will have to be best two out of three!

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Mereknits said...

Never pick number 1. I had to do that on Friday and it completely ruined my ability to work on a scarf. Its a bummer when you have to make the mature choice....
Good luck with your new toys.