Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Non-Snow

It's been another "non-snow event" for us here on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge. (insert whines here....grrrrr.) (edited to say that Janice, living 4 miles north of here DID get measurable snow! jealous!)

Sunrise over non-snow event

Rain, then sleet fell and was accompanied by a brief round of thunder and lightning, then just enough snow to whiten the pasture.

Dropping temps made it freeze up all hard and crunchy so there's no school today which has provided a chance to play with spindles (in between bouts of knitting).

Snow day project

I'll be spinning and knitting up a storm all day. Maybe I can help Mother Nature and spin up a snow storm of the measurable kind!


~RaenWa~ said...

Gorgeous fibers & spindles I hope you get the snow you want soon enough.

If we get any I will be sure to wish it your way the amount you have on the ground is the perfect amount in my book I am not a big fan of snow lol.

Bella said...

Here in Spain it's so cold....I need one of your sweet things!
Do you speak spanish? a little bite?