Saturday, February 12, 2011

SIP & WIP Weekend

Since finishing my First FO of the year in January, I have not finished knitting another single thing. Maybe that's because I'm working on too many things at once. Incompleteness aside, I sort of like working on different projects. The yarns/fibers are all so pretty! Here's what going on....and on....and on......


On an IST English Bog Oak on English Elm spindle, we have Fiber Optics Merino/Tencel in Stormy Monday Blues. I've only ever spun merino/tencel on my wheel. I thought I'd give it a try on the IST. The IST is interesting in that it's made from ancient reclaimed oak found in East Anglia fens....about 5,000 years old according to the website. Very cool, indeed. ( and I've actually been to East Anglia to boot!)
IST Fen Bog Oak
SIP#2 is superwash merino on a Spindlewood spindle....started this one just to try out the spindle.
Spindlewood Ignited
SIP#3 is some type of fiber by A Verb for Keeping Warm - I'm thinking BFL. I'm trying to fill up the second Bosworth mini to ply with the first full one.
Filling #2
On to the WIPs.

I started this glove oh so long ago and finally picked it up again. It's become my church knitting project which was really interesting when I was knitting the middle finger - LOL. The pattern is Bobbie and the yarn is Wollmeise 100%.
Eternal Bobbie
I'm decreasing on the Argante shawl now - YIPPEE! I'm using a Crazy Zauberball. It's my weeknight TV knitting project.
Argante halfway
And the cute cat mittens. I finally cast on for mitten #2. They're being knitted in Skinny Bugga. I'll knit on it a little each night too. Stranded stuff goes pretty fast, I find.
Mitten 2 begins
Gotta keep knitting & spinning because I am determined to finish something before February totally disappears! Now back to it!

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knittingdragonflies said...

Wow! Everything is soooo pretty! I love it all.