Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fleecey 4th!

DH & I ventured out to the "wilds"of West Virginia and spent the 4th of July at his brother's river "cabin", although I think we're now calling it a "lodge".
River sign

Yep, it was pretty lazy out on the river.
down river

But not inside, as Merry and I began the process of spinning up my newly carded Jacob batts. After two afternoons of spinning, I ended up with two pretty evenly weighted bobbins of singles.
Two bobbins of Jaocb

Then my dear m-i-l presented me with a little bag of black fluff, the sheddings of her little dog, Buddy.

Since I was already in spinning mode, I spun him up, too. Look! He's almost blue!
Buddy's fur
Prior to our long weekend away, two new additions were added to my spindle addiction, I mean collection.

They are Bosworth Minis in 1. Cedar, and 2. Purpleheart/Tulipwood. Love-love-love those minis!
Cedar and Purpleheart/Tulipwood Minis

This week there will be more spinning, more knitting, and some time visiting with dear friends. Goodness, but I love summer break!

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