Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Break: Week 2 - Fleecey Progress

So....this week I made a little progress with the Jacob fleece. Dear Friend Janice loaned me her drum carder, and I began the process of turning the locks of washed fleece into fluffy batts. Here are a few photos:
First, I spread apart the lock onto flat surface of the carder. Then, being very careful to keep hands, fingers, & kittens clear,
Bella Ballerina

I cranked the handle and watched as the locks were straightened and combed onto the drum barrel of the carder.
Carding begins

When I was done, I used a brush to smooth out the batt. Once removed this is what it looked like.
Firts batts

Then I gently divided the batt into fourths and put it through again. I currently have a pile that looks like this:
Pile o' batts
I'z excited!
The stuff I'm carding now is really short - second cuts I guess. Looking ahead, this is going to be hard to spin. I already know that I'm going to spin this on my wheel.
Loaded Merry
Problem is - I haven't spun on my wheel in a bit (been a little preoccupied with spindle prettiness!) so this week, I'll spend some time getting reacquainted with Merry. That way we'll both be ready when it's time to start spinning!

Pottery update: At last Monday's class, I learned how to trim the pots I'd made in previous classes and practice sessions. Trimming involves placing the "leather hard" pot upside down on a wheel and using a tool to trim away the excess clay. If you have a bowl, you can carve a base, or foot into the bottom to give it a more finished look. Even though I have not yet actually made bowls, some of my "cylinders" had a more bowl-like appearance, therefore, I learned to carve feet! By Thursday's practice session, I finally got a little height on my cylinders, and a more evenly distributed bottom.
Wednesday practice week 2
Thursday practice -week 2

Other fun happenings last week, Week 2 of Summer Break:
  • Got to have dinner w/ J & K not once, but TWICE! Lucky me!
  • I got a new toe
  • On Saturday, I attended the wedding of a wonderful school friend/colleague and got to spend the afternoon with some of my very favorite people-the folks I teach with! Love them so much!
  • This Regal Moth chose to wait out a rain shower under our ferns. Lucky me again! Gorgeous!!!
What's on tap for Week 3? Stay tuned to find out!

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Mereknits said...

Glad you are having a fantastic summer so far, and the toe ring is an added bonus!
Happy Monday,