Saturday, August 9, 2008

The WIPs are Winning

This morning I woke up pretty early for a Saturday. You see, I love being awake in my house and knowing that all my boys, dh included, are sleeping peacefully around me. This morning was especially nice, because during the night cool air moved in, so when I woke up, I turned off the A.C. and opened the windows to enjoy the fresh air. While the coffee was brewing, I tip-toed through the house, collected one of my WIP projects, and headed into my knitting room. I could hear all the early morning sounds through the open window -aaaaah - heavenly! I put my WIP Wrestling project on the floor and reached up to turn on the light while turning to flop down in my green knitting chair.

wip wrestling -sleeve edition
But wait, did something just move below me? Fortunately, I stopped in mid-sit 'cause look who was sitting in my chair:

seat cushion

So after some major kitty cuddling and a cup of coffee, I started sewing in the sleeve of the Tahki cotton sweater and did it -exactly wrong. Poop.....and poop again.

Then these woke's Very Tall Boy (being him is a full time job)
being me is a fulltime job

...and here's Lifeguard Boy (he's a morning person, can't you tell?)
sleepy lifeguard boy
...and then I had to leave to do errands in medium size supplies, new AC adapter for the very old laptop, and new school clothes for me!
school clothes
Then I had to eat lunch, and try on some shoes....and buy new undergarments....and have a little ice cream...and play with kitties at the S.P.C.A.....and finally - head home.

So - POOP - the WIPs are still winning. I'm heading in right now to rip out the stupid sleeve and try again, paying closer attention this time....oh, and I'll definitely look before I sit!

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Daniele said...

Long day for you. Get those WIPs whipped into shape! Lovely new clothes too. :)