Saturday, November 8, 2008

Addition to Family

OMG - my life has been so whacked, I haven't posted for over a month! Have I subconsciously been waiting for a momentous occasion - like today - in order to have something half-way interesting to blog about? Who knows...? In any case, today was truly momentous because I witnessed the birth of my spinning wheel, an Ashford Traveler. Here's a photo diary of the day's events. I'll add a little commentary, too!

After the great eBay defective wheel debacle/disappointment earlier in this week, I decided to go to a nearby fiber shop, Stony Mountain Fibers, and purchase a wheel from shop owner Barb Gentry. Barb has a great little shop with a wide variety of spinning wheels to choose from and one particular wheel kept popping into my head after the Majacraft ordeal - an Ashford Traveler. Stacey & I made a quick shop visit on Friday afternoon, but didn't have enough time to play & purchase, so decided to make to 45 minute trip again this morning - 11-8-08.

When we arrived, Barb had begun putting together my wheel.

Birthing b

Brithing a

Wheel birthing #2

birthing c

Meanwhile, around the shop, Stacey was busy trying out wheels of her own. She settled on a Kromski Sonata, only in the lighter wood. Here she is playing around with its cousin!

Stacey spins

birthing d

Finally - the wheel was ready! Isn't she beautiful?

birthing e

Here we are - all loaded up & ready for the trip home. I made Stacey promise to drive v-e-r-y carefully!


Now it's time to think of a name for her.....and practice, practice, practice!


yarnpiggy said...

Congratulations on the new addition! It looks beautiful. I was recently given (!) an older, single-treadle Traveller. I have never spun before (not even on a spindle!), but I hope to learn soon. :-)

Jerry said...

Congrats on the new family member. Can't wait to see the handspun and the FOs from your own.

MsKnottyKnits said...

How exciting!! I see you bought some accessories *cough cough* fiber. Looks like it was a day that could be classified as "better than great"! Can't wait to see what you spin up!