Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Perfect Day

Today, despite the pouring rain, I bundled up a fully loaded Merry in a blanket and a trash bag, along with various fibers, a knitting project, spinning books, and my camera, and headed over for an afternoon of spinning at Janice's house.

Loaded Merry

I even brought lunch...mmmmm!

Chirio's veggie pizza

Then it was time to spin! We started by looking at my first attempt at plying - done with the first and second roving I'd spun on Merry. I needed to reply it, so Janice showed me how. Here it is just before we washed it:

My first plied yarn

One of my student raises alpacas and had given my this little treasure to play around with -

Alpaca from Jamie

I managed to turn it into this -


Meanwhile, Janice was spinning up her BFL.....isn't it beautiful?

Janice's BFL

While we were busy spinning, one of Janice's kitties got into my knitting bag and made off with a hand wound ball of practice merino - pesky little creature!

Cats' merino

It ought to have looked more like this!


Janice knitted on her sock project and I spun a little Cotswold from the Frontier Culture Museum and then knitted a little on my Eternal sweater. By then the rain had stopped and the day had turned as beautiful on the outside as on the inside!

Janice's yard

It was a perfectly beautiful ending to a perfect day - don't you think?


yarnpiggy said...

I do think! A very nice day indeed! :-)

Jerry said...

always fun to spin with friends

Leslie said...

Looks like you had a good (and productive) day :) I just love the alpaca...

Daniele said...

Absolutely a perfect day. All the wonderful fibers. What great colors!

Chris Tolomei aka alicethelma said...

A wonderful day indeed. Thanks for sharing it.