Friday, January 9, 2009

The Awaiting Fiber-Feast.....Yum

FORTUNATELY - It's a new year and I have big plans for lots of spinning time for Merry and me.

UNFORTUNATELY - my chosen profession requires and demands that I do lots of work at home each night

FORTUNATELY - I got to spin quite a bit over Christmas break!

UNFORTUNATELY - I have not touched my wheel since right after Christmas. I also have not knitted one stitch in a week. ACK.

FORTUNATELY - Whenever I get my head above water, I have lots of Christmas present fiber ready and waiting. Here's a sample of the feast.

All of these are Christmas presents from Catspaw(lace), my good buddy and spinning mentor, who said she wanted me to experience a variety of fibers. What a sweetie!

Tussah Silk Top -Stony Mountain Fibers - (how in the world does one spin this stuff?)
Tussah Silk

Gorgeous Hand-Painted Goldie Locks Mohair - Stone Mountain Farm in Carlisle, PA. Apparently there's no website cuz I can't find it!
Goldie Locks mohair

Spinderella's Creations Thrums - yummy mixture of wool, nylon, and angelina

Catspaw really knows how to take care of me!

Right after Christmas, I took a short cruise....on Etsy.... and this is what I found:

Green and Gold all whipped up - This is from Fiber Monster and it's very, very soft!
Fiber Monster

And this - this is called "Sleigh Ride". I bought it because it's beautiful and because I want it to snow- dang it! This is from Wooly Treasures
Wooly Treasures

As soon as my "time-famine" ends, there's a big "fiber-feast" awaiting me. I can hardly wait to dig in !

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Cynthia said...

First, let me say that I’m a huge fan of your posts. You’re on my List Of Ravelry Favorites, and I often share your stuff with my knitting friends.

I am writing everyone on my Favorites List with a couple of questions. If you can answer them for me, it would be a HUGE HUGE HUGE favor. Really HUGE.

Thing is, I am writing a piece on Ravelry for my college magazine. Topic is WHY Ravelry is such a huge success. I need opinions from fellow Ravelers like you to back up this claim I am making.

These are the questions:

1) Why did you choose to join Ravelry?

2) How did you learn about Ravelry?

3) What does Ravelry give you that other sites don’t?

4) Absolutely anything else you’d like to share with me on this subject.

My quandary is this: I love the site and come here almost every week to look for knitting tips and ideas. (I haven’t joined yet, as I am too shy to talk of my own work…)

I want to understand why others do the same. Each person must have his or her own reason and I am very curious to understand this trend.

Once I write the piece, I intend to send it across to Bob the dog. Maybe, he will post it on the site to encourage newcomers or even use it for other promotion purposes.

Thank you in advance

Keep writing, keep sharing, keep creating
Warmest regards

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