Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Knitting

I'm still making Christmas presents... and will be for just a little while. This is because I did not start my Christmas knitting until Thanksgiving - my fault, I know. Originally, I had decided NOT to knit anything for Christmas, but then I saw some yarn...and a pattern book...and decided that a some mittens might be a quick project - and they were - quick for me, that is. I am happy to report that ONE pair of mittens was finished before Christmas Day.

Now I'm finishing mittens for George's wife, Beth. As I knitted yesterday, I found that I could not put the first one down. It was like the colors and charts were addicting -"just one more round....just one more round...." and pushing me to finish.
Front side
Beth's mitten front

Palm side
Beth's mitten palm

I'll cast-on the second mitten today and try to finish before school and life smack me in the face on Monday. ACK. Life surely does get in the way of doing what I really enjoy.

Oh - and I also finished these:
Mitts for Caroline

-mitts for Caroline - but guess what? They were not photographed either! I'll get them before she goes back to college, I guess! What a lousy photojournalist I am!

I've also been spinning a bit. Here are the results of my first, second, and third attempts at spinning/plying.

1. Outlandish purple/pink merino #1 from Stoney Mountain Fibers
First attempt merino
2. Cotswold from Frontier Culture Museum in Stauntonplied cotswold

3. Merino/bamboo from Julie at Flawful Fibers
merino bamboo plied
I am currently trying to spin some BFL. Merry is being a little finicky though - must be the cold weather - or the silly bow!
Merry merry

Next on my knitting list:
  • a Calorimetry for Alex's GF
  • a pair of mitts for Lisa
  • a pair of mittens for Kim
  • and my eternal WIPs.
If only I could knit at school all day!'s January - maybe the snow gods will smile on us and I can get a little extra knitting time...."red sunrise in the morning, sailors take warning..."
bleak midwinter

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Cindy G said...

Great mitten. I love the colors and it looks so warm.