Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crap-ton of Fuzziness

....crap-ton, as in boatload or any other synonym you'd like to insert there - I'm big into synonyms! Anyway, today I went out to Stony Mountain Fiber to get a birthday present for one of my students - the one with the alpacas. You see, last week I let her play around with a spindle at school and she seemed to take to it AND she has a birthday coming up, so a trip to Stony Mountain was necessary to find just the right gift. Here it is:

fiber1-29-09 001

That's an Ashford spindle, lavender & black bits of Cormo, and Lee Raven's "Spin It" book. I hope she'll like it!

....and because Stony Mountain is not exactly close, and you can never tell when there might be a fiber shortage, I got a little for me, too:

fiber1-29-09 006

That's also cormo, except in eggplant and tan, with a little firestar thrown in for good measure. I'm really excited about what this could turn into....yums! The white roving is from Stony Mountain Fiber's own sheep, mixed with some bamboo - sure to spin up soft & buttery!

I arrived home to find a BIG package shoved into my mailbox. The package was BIG because it contained a $50.00 gift certificate's worth of yummy fuzziness from Julie at Flawful Fibers and Yarns. Here's what I found when I opened it up:

fiber1-29-09 005

Starting at the top and moving clockwise we have: 80/20 Merino-Silk in Velvet-n-Roses; Superwash BFL in Ignited; 60/40 Merino-Bamboo in Feline(aka Tabby); and some extra bit of Superwash BFL & a lovely skein of boucle' Romney/Perendale called Insomnia. Major SQUEEEEEEE day! I think I now have enough fiber in my stash to outlast the recession. Must stop lurking/lusting/longing at/over/for all the lucious fuzzy fiber I find...and find the time needed to spin it into yummy yarn! Now that's something to look forward to!


Daniele said...

Oh My! Lots of fibery goodness!! Can't wait to see the yarns!

Sugarbeestudios said...

Isn't her stuff just DELICIOUS! I'm working on some of her roving right now......I have a girlfriend who doesn't spin but she saw some of Flawful's rovings at one of our Spin/Knit get togethers and bought it! I asked her what she was going to do with it and she replied with Why you're gonna spin it for me! I get to play with it and do the fun stuff and I didn't even have to pay! I did buy some for myself though too;o)