Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Thus Far

For one reason or another (travel, sports, laziness, etc...) I have not yet blogged this year. Time to get to it because there's a lot of exciting knitting news going on.

First of all, I joined a Ravelry group called 10 Shawls in 2010. I figured it would be a good way to knit down my yarn stash a little and learn a lot more about lace knitting. I have completed one shawl thus far - so I'm on track! I used Wollmeise WD 80/20 in Der Letze Versuch to make the Traveling Woman shawlette. Here are the results:

Traveling Woman in the snow

The colors in the yarn are amazing - all different shades of purple. Here's a closer look.

Traveling Woman-WM der letz WD

Traveling Woman is a really easy lace pattern. It was very predictable and I enjoyed knitting it very much!

In other Ravelry-related news, I'm also knitting in The Unique Sheep's Enchanted Wood shawl KAL. I just finished the first clue this morning. Here it is in their Luxe yarn, custom-dyed for me by Kelly. The color is called Winter Sunset.

TEW -clue 1 beads

This yarn came in a set of six skeins in a gradient colorway which The Unique Sheep ladies call Gradience. My next skein will be mostly apricot with a little brown and lavender. Lovely!

...and because life isn't exciting enough, I'm also getting ready for the Ravelympics' events with Team Cindy....see?


I'm planning to work on finishing some WIPs - one in particular which I will not mention because I've mentioned it enough before.....really....enough said.

(many of the above hyperlinks access Ravelry pages. If you are not a Ravelry member will you not be able to see them....sorry. :( )

As you can see, 18 days into 2010, there's been lots of knitting going on. Here's hoping that holds true for the rest of the year!


Cindy said...

We seem to have parallel knitting going on - I'm working on the Valentine shawl for my first of 10 but Traveling Woman is on my list! Love yours - the yarn is lovely.

Go Team Cindy!!

Carol said...

Oooh! shawls! that oculd be a good use for al that 'mom stash I ingherited' yarn. Hmmmmmm

Cynthia said...

I love your travelling woman shawl. Colours are just perfect.