Monday, January 25, 2010

Half a Century

....yep - that's me. I've crawled, walked, sung, played, performed, shucked, jived, taught, knitted, spun, and loved my way through 50 years of life. Here's hoping for many more years of fun....however, I hope we can delete the 'crawling' from the list!

Many friends helped me mark the B-I-G day:
  • last week, Janice & Ken cooked a wonderful dinner for me and another January b'day friend, Larry.
  • all of my 4th graders made me cards.
  • Janice & Kim took me to lunch....(there was an ant in my soup - lol).
  • I enjoyed reading 40+ Facebook greetings :) - thank you all!
  • DH & I enjoyed a nice lunch together.
  • ...and today, we have a day off from school due to heavy rains and flooding. :)
There were nice gifts, too and I'm only posingt the fiber-related photos. Last year's vacuum cleaner was an

Here's a yummy thing - a Ken Ledbetter spindle. It's made of purple heart wood and lacewood and has an inlay of some sort of crushed stone and a metallic wafer or disc. It's very lovely and spins well, too - so it's functional art and a gift from DH.
Ken Ledbetter Spindle

There was one frustration on my big b'day. It involved and still involves this.
TEW-starting clue 2-gaaa

This is the beginning of Clue 2 of The Enchanted Wood KAL. I'm now starting row 9 - after knitting-tinking-knitting-tinking-knitting-tinking all day yesterday....and it's not even a hard pattern! After getting off to a rocky start due to errors with the charted pattern, I started following both the corrected chart AND written clues -double checking my numbers with every little section - carefully marking through each section I knitted...and I've still ended up with a shortage or overage of 1-2 stitches on each's making me crazy! I will NOT trips to the pond b/c it's too cold for a swim! It's just going to be what it will be. When I post the final blocked shawl photo, please don't look too closely!


~RaenWa~ said...

I am glad you had a great birthday & the drop spindle is gorgeous

Mereknits said...

Happy Birthday and hope you have many, many more.