Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Whoa - where have I been? I've been a busy grad student, that's where. Debbie R & I have been working - working - working on a project that's due next week (!). I have to write it up later on today. There's been no time to post anything OR to knit, so I'm taking advantage of this rainy, windy Saturday to knit & post.
All the boys are off to the Nelson State Final A Boys' Basketball game & I've been trying to finish Clue #2 of the GoddessKnits Mystery Shawl. It's really cool so far - here's what it looks like:Tonight we're going to J & K's for dinner, so I'll get J to explain blocking to me. I hope the gauge looks alright - I've never made a lacey shawl before.
So this morning, I knitted & played on Ravelry. I created a group called Cindy Knitters. It's for knitters/crafters named Cindy. All this grad school stuff causes me to wonder about things - ahhh, reflection....and I started the group to find out 1. How many Cindys are really named Cynthia 2. How they spell Cindy 3. If they use Cindy or Cynthia as a professional name 4. Common Cindy-like traits...etc... Cindy L. & I are moderators. So far, since this morning, we have 9 members! Pretty cool, huh? Here's our badge:

So, this morningit was POURING down rain & now it's very windy...blowing all the rain clouds aways, I guess. There's actully a high wind warning out.

Here's what it looks like out my back window:

And my front window:

.....and here's what White Socks has decided to do on this rainy, windy day....and I'm going to join him, although I'll be knitting, not snoozing - at least not right away!

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