Sunday, February 24, 2008

Concert Day & the Snots

This afternoon Zephyrus has a concert at St, Paul's Memorial in C'ville - more or less across from the Rotunda. It's a concert of early French & English sacred music...very beautiful, but much more intense than our Christmas concert. My sinuses have chosen this particular time to go into spasm....I have a chronic case of the snots - YUCK. I can sing sometimes, but not all the time. My voice will stop in mid phrase & I have no control over it. Dress rehearsal on Friday was a DISASTER for me...I was so upset that I was contemplating not singing anymore with the group - HOWEVER - I do love the music & the challenge, so I really don't want to happen!
Here's what I've been doing for the past 24 hours -

*Holding my head over a pot of steaming water -
*Squirting this nasty stuff up my nose to
dry up my sinuses
without drying out
my vocal chords...and drinking losts of water, as usual.

I think a visit to the doctor is in my future - this is happening more & more - and singing is too important to me to be this frustrated most of the time.

Here's what I'm wearing to the concert -I'll dazzle the audience, so they won't really care what I sound like...ha.

I'm also wearing my sparkly blue earrings and
the gorgeous bracelet hubby gave
me for Christmas.

I'll take hubby's socks with me to knit during intermission, while I'm sipping my steaming hot throat coat tea, of course! Break a leg!

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