Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feeding All the Rest

Not only was today Groundhog's Day (he saw his shadow-hooray) it was also food distribution day, better known as Bread Fund at our church. Those of us who work regularly at the Bread Fund have been in a little snit the past several months b/c there has not been very much government food available from the food bank over in Verona. The surplus food is either going elsewhere or being consumed by actual consumers in the marketplace. This means that our church has to buy food to distribute - which is OK, but now we have to come up with a budget & ask for money - something we have not had to do with any regularity in the past. With everyone talking about a possible recession, I think there will be more & more people in need of help each month. I hope the good people at our church will recognize this and kick in the extra money needed to keep feeding all the people who come to us in need each month...not only feeding ourselves, but feeding all the rest.


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