Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sliding toward home

NO........I am NOT talking about baseball. I like the sport well enough, but for the past ten years or so, it has pretty much dominated our lives February until October. Either the three boys were playing, or John was playing, or they were watching a game - or two - three! - on TV. So, you can TAKE me out to a ballgame....I like going to a ballpark...good hot dogs & beer - but please, do not ask me to watch a succession of games on TV. One Nationals game - fine - but no more than on per day....please!
So - I'm slowly sliding toward the grad school finish line. I am taking four courses right now, so I'm a little loopy as all my project begin to come due. Here's what I'm working on:
*- A final project that could be used as staff development - topic is teacher motivation, so my partner, Debbie R, & I have to be very careful....We teachers are touchy when it comes to talk about motivation.
*- A brain research project - although this is not a biggie. I have to used one of the methods or activities discussed in our class with my classes at school & then give a report about it.
*- My ADMIN class - this is kind of big.....I have to develop a presentation about our school system & then choose three areas that need to be improved and make a plan to improve them...yikes.
*-Writing my study.....Debbie R & I are partners here, too....we spent our non-snow event day yesterday trading files & reading & editing each others' studies.
Here's what all my research looks like:

I only have thirteen pages so far & have just begun writing about the literature. I have not even begun writing up the findings of my study yet either. It's a monumental task. To make matters worse - everything must be VERY methodical and particular in the referencing.

I have to put it all in APA format. It's no big deal, really...I just have to get use to where the periods are placed, etc.....slow at first, but the process speeds up with use - like knitting - kind of...

Debbie R & I worked on our two projects all yesterday morning - we were off for non-snow....I had Zephyrus rehearsal last night - in preparation for our concert on Sunday. So, for fun this morning I browsed the new Coldwater Creek catalog & chose three outfits that I'd like to order.

I always do that....go through the catalog & pick out lots of new stuff, but I rarely order them. This time I was looking for more professional looking clothes - not teacher-semi-casual-can-get-on-the-floor clothes. These are stand-up-in-front-of-people-and-sound-intelligent clothes. Here's what I chose:

Of course, they're all pants & probably would not even fit over my big bottom....well, it's not as big as it use to be, but I still have a terrible time finding pants to fit.

Then, of course, there would be shoes involved....see how it all adds up to lots of $$$?

...and lastly - knitting. Last night at Zephyrus rehearsal, I knitted on John's socks while my section had some time off - Some time last week, I worked a lot on Lori's shawl....can't remember the occasion...oh yeah - it was the PTA meeting. So, I am knitting - just not enough to finish anything. I see that the Mystery Shawl group just posted the second clue - so I'll go get it & save it until I have a life again...or until my yarn comes in from Sarahsyarns. TTFN

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