Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knitting & Coffee

This afternoon, the Central Virginia Girls, a group of knitters who met on Ravelry, met in Lovingston at Rapunzel's Coffee & Books to sip & knit. There were six of us from around the Nelson-Albemarle area. We did a lot of knitting & sipping & chatting. Here's a photo of five of us at the very end:

It was fun to sit & knit for awhile!

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Nerdy Knitter said...

I lost my first comment--if you got it, don't publish it--I'll look like a moron! :-)

Anyway, I said, in that first half-post, that I had a good tme, too, and thanks for posting the photo. I might steal it from you to post over at my place, too.

I hope you're feeling better!