Friday, February 1, 2008


Greetings earthlings. I created this blog just so I could learn how it's done. I really have no interest whatsoever in blogging on a regular basis, but who knows......I might really like it. So, here I go - giving it a try.

Knitting and all the Rest is a reflection of what my life is like right now. There's knitting...and then there's all the rest that gets in the way of knitting. First of all, let me say that I am a wife & a mom of three boys. My family DOES NOT get in the way of my knitting....they actually come before my knitting - and this is as it should be. Then there's my job as a teacher at an elementary school. That really doesn't get in the way of my knitting either, as I can take my knitting with me and can be seen knitting during hall duty or at lunch. The whole reality of the job thing is that a job is necessary to support my yarn purchases. I have accepted the necessity of employment. Then there's the church part of my life. This does not get in the way of my knitting either because once again, I take my knitting with me & get a fair amount done while sitting up in the choir loft, listening to the sermon, & waiting to sing the day's anthem. There are actually several other knitters up there with me. We're hidden & use quiet needles & no one ever knows unless one of us drops a needle......oops....then everyone knows what we're doing. Then there's graduate school. While I am getting SO much smarter with each & every passing class, graduate school DOES get in the way of my knitting. Being a 48 year old grad student requires that I work all day at my school & then come home to cart around & feed my hungry boys, THEN read & work on my grad school projects. All of this time spent in higher academia can really cut into my knitting time. BUT, the good thing is that I'm almost finished. My current projects listed in Ravelry might take a while to finish because I'm working very hard on writing up the findings of my Action Research project - all the while taking 4 other classes. I admit that right now I use knitting as a procrastination tool. Hey! Blogging can become a procrastination tool also - BRILLIANT! Another place I can not knit is when I'm in choir rehearsal....I don't think my director would understand my desire to knit a round or two on my socks while he's working with the basses or tenors. Oh well, singing is good for the soul, too!

Thus ends my first blog post. In future posts, I'll reflect more on the rest of happenings in my little part of the world. It's a busy little world that's filled with a little knitting.....and a lot of all the rest.



kim said...

Hi Cindy. How current you are, and what a wonderful creative way to avoid reading and writing for your graduate courses. I am very proud of you for figuring this out and thank you for mentioning me, I feel like a celebrity. Kim

ckknitter said...

You are a star in my book, Kim!

Scamp said...

I will try again!Mom

Mrsted said...

Here I go again

Mrsted said...

I keep getting told that I am posting as Scamp "Use another Account" I changed to Mrsted and got the same answer. Now I see that the comments are getting through. I got onto google and was told how to get a new Password. I did what they said but it didn't work. There's a lot of computerese that I just don't understand!!! How strange???