Thursday, February 7, 2008

Double duty knitting

I'm learning to read my graduate school articles and knit at the same time. Here's what I do: for my first read through, I do not knit. I make notes in the margin & concentrate. However, for my second read through, a couple of days later, I'm learning to knit while I read. This works out OK as long as neither the article nor the pattern has too much detail. sigh...

I finished the two essays I had to write. Now I have a reflection due from class on Tuesday night AND tonight I have to go to a school board meeting over in Augusta County, then write up reflections about it. My Nelson Cohort had good news today from one of our professors. We found out that we do not have to read each others' literature reviews! ALLEUIA! I'm going to be busy enough writing up my study & staying on top on 3 other classes - wasn't quite sure how I was going to write reviews for the 10 other people in our group!

Last night after workout, I met Ken & Janice & Larry & Jeniffer at Blue Mountain Brewery. I had some delicious homemade hummus & pita & a Nelson County beer. Then I went over to K & J's for dessert - coffe/chocolate ice's a good thing I went to workout~

Here's how much I've knitted in the past 24 hours:

- Rows 2-8 of ribbing on both of hubby's socks

- 10 rows on Lori's shawl

- about 4 inches on the "so-called" scarf

It's hard to knit in our living room because the lights are too dim. I need a new light. I'd like one of these: OTT-Light from Amazon. I think I could find something similiar at Lowe's for less money. Maybe I'll use the rest of my Christmas money for that!

Time to go & knit a few rows. Tonight at the school board meeting, I'll work on the scarf. The shawl is getting to bulky to carry around.

Here are White Socks & Halloween enjoying the warm February sunshine.

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